Monday, May 3, 2010

Raving & Drooling

A rant for the ages............

Nature walks are about the only thing that is keeping me lucid at this point. My drive to put forth effort at AUI left sometime in mid-March. A paper I should have been working on all semester got finished in two days. Another paper that is due next week, haven't even started researching yet. The thing is, and I know I'm not the only exchange student who feels this way, you don't have to try. I have never experienced anything like this. A student can literally do nothing all semester and still get A's on everything. They call AUI the "Harvard of the East." Is that a long shot. There are only a handful of professor's at this school who could maybe, and stress maybe, teach at Harvard. There is no comparison.  AUI simply has no standard of education. The insha'allah mind set, that everyone at this university has, just doesn't work in the discipline of education. God can't will it. You, as the university have to. It's like the administration and faculty don't understand they are providing a service that people are paying for.  No one at AUI wants to take any responsibility. "It's not my problem, insha'allah" is the never ending refrain of every employee of this university.

Someone recently told me I should get a Twitter account.  No thank you. It took me long enough to wrap my head around a cellphone and the idea that people could get a hold of me no matter where I was. Then I gave in to Facebook. Then I had to figure out how to Skype. The facts are, no matter how careful I am about who I give my cell number to, people who I have no desire to talk to, always end up getting it and calling me. The people I gave my number to and want to talk to, mom, dad, friends in Columbus, Killeen, Athens, Portsmouth, etc. get interrupted by the assholes. Facebook is becoming a bit stalker-ish, and the only people I skype with are my mom and my friend Alicia's high school class. The thing with twitter, I just don't think my life is that interesting. Here's a tweet for you.........I'm 29, Single, and have no plan except what the next day brings.

Last night I was listening to Janis Joplin and I came to the conclusion that I could've married Janis. Maybe in another life or something I don't know, but every time she comes on the iTunes, I stop what I'm doing and let her go. That doesn't happen to often anymore. I think I've heard too much music and am just not smart enough to process it all. But when Janis comes on, I'm hooked. Listening to her reminds me of this girl I know. She lifts me up and tears me down in the course of eight songs.

My hat fetish has gotten a bit out of control. I have bought seven hats, the owner of the bar gave me one and I brought two with me from home. I also have six turbans, a jalaba, two hash pipes, and a Berber carpet.

Gift buying for your friends sucks. What do you buy and who gets something and who doesn't? I'm thinking a FUCK-IT moment may be coming, when I tell them their gift is the honor of being in presence after four months.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, I got yelled at today for walking on the grass across campus. Keep in mind that some students are trying to get the administration to let students sit on the grass. For further explanation into the logic and rational into not letting students walk or sit on the grass at AUI, refer to the first paragraph.